Pest PAC Prior Approval Form

Pest PAC, the NPMA Political Action Committee (PAC), supports candidates for federal office that support and advocate policies that are important to the pest management industry.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires trade associations, like NPMA, to receive prior approval from member companies before Pest PAC is permitted to directly communicate and/or solicit Pest PAC details with any company employees.

After you sign the Prior Approval Form, your executive and administrative level employees will become part of Pest PAC's solicitable class. Members may give permission to only one association to solicit each calendar year.

You must be a NPMA member or employed by a NPMA member company in order to sign prior authorization and contribute to Pest PAC.

I hereby authorize the National Pest Management Association's Political Action Committee – Pest PAC – to solicit voluntary, personal contributions from my company's "Restricted Class" (executive and administrative personnel). I certify that my company is a current member of NPMA and understand that my company cannot authorize any other national trade association to solicit political contributions, but this do not restrict making voluntary contributions to a federal or corporate PAC or to a state PAC that supports candidates for federal, state and local office. I further understand that approval to solicit does not in any way obligate my employees or myself to contribute to Pest PAC.

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Disclaimer: Contributions to Pest PAC will be used for political purposes and must be drawn from personal, not corporate accounts. Political contributions are not tax deductible for federal income purposes. Contributions to Pest PAC are voluntary and individuals have the right to refuse to contribute without fear or reprisal.

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